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Happy ending for couple engaged at festival

Dallas and Lucy Harema's romance reads like an old-fashioned love story spiced up with a flash mob proposal at the World Buskers Festival.

Now married, the most ambitious plans the pair have for this year's festival is to finally see The Boy With Tape on His Face live.

Dallas Harema met Lucy Ferris just before the February 2011 earthquake. They were on the same counsellor training course.

Two years later, his proposal was filmed by The Press and went viral on YouTube.

Harema works as a counsellor/social worker at a Youth Justice Residence and Ferris runs a children's trust.

It took about two weeks for Dallas to organise his proposal when the time came.

''I saw something similar on YouTube about four years before, and I thought if I was ever going to propose, that'd be how I did it,'' Dallas said.

A day's entertainment at last year's festival was the perfect opportunity.

He organised a choreographer and a troupe of volunteers from Lucy's trust to do the dance. A couple of practice runs, and the stage was set.

''It was all totally normal to me on the day,'' Ferris said.

''We usually go to the festival. I didn't think anything was up.''

Even when her friends from the trust started dancing to Bruno Mars' Marry You in the Re:Start Mall, she didn't click.

''You just don't assume it's for you,'' she said.

Fortunately, she said yes. Six months later, wedding bells rang at Christ's College.

The pair were meant to be the first couple married at the Cardboard Cathedral, but construction delays had them relocated to the school.

The bride wore fur and the groom dressed in blue and tan for the July wedding. A reception at Rossendale and photos in the central city set the mood for the young couple.

At the wedding, family members sang along to Bruno Mars once again, with the lyrics changed to suit Harema and Ferris.

''It was such an awesome day,'' Ferris said.

Abbie Napier

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