World Buskers Festival

Crowd in palm of his hand


Buskers entertained thousands of people in Hagley Park as fine weather and skilled performers drew big crowds.

The first weekend of the World Buskers Festival attracted strong audiences for the street performers, while many of the evening shows sold out.

Festival director Jodi Wright said the cluster of temporary venues and busker pitches in north Hagley Park was packed on Saturday and yesterday.

"I watched Mario: Queen of the Circus perform on Saturday and he had a crowd of about 1500 people around him. The other two busker pitches in the park had similar crowds," she said.

"It has been very crowded. We have had weird weather, but thousands of people were here."

The evening shows have also been popular, with The Boy with Tape on his Face, the Buskers Burlesque, Battle of the Bastards and both stand up shows selling out on Saturday night.

Tickets for evening shows can be purchased online until 48 hours before the performance or at the tickets booth in north Hagley Park from 11am on the day of the performance. Half of the tickets are sold only on the day of the performance.

The buskers' festival was so popular because people "like to have a good time and a laugh", Wright said.

"We are 21 years old this year and people know that they can come here and they don't have to pay to enjoy the shows. It is accessible. This is Christchurch's own organically grown festival and they trust it to deliver them some fun."

Australian-based performer Ruby Rubberlegs had to pull out as she shattered her kneecap about two weeks ago. Her slots will be taken by other performers.

Crowd in palm of his hand

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