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These Tape Art murals were created on a PVC wrapped 40 foot container smack-bang in the middle of BUSKER PARK, North Hagley Park during the 2014 SCIRT WORLD BUSKERS FESTIVAL.

OPINION: As you read this, I will be in the depths of misery. That's an odd way to tell you how much I loved being part of the World Buskers Festival in your city for the past two weeks. But there it is.

Christchurch performer David Ladderman and former Cirque du Soleil clown Nate Cooper have been awarded Iron Chickens at the final weekend of the World Buskers Festival.

Due to popular demand (and Keith's ability to find a last minute replacement tutor for his taxidermy class) we've added a Saturday matinee show at 5pm!

Warning: attending Nothing But Stand Up: The Gents (part of the SCIRT World Buskers Festival) may result in a sore face from sustained uncontrollable laughter and subsequent giggling fits at random intervals for days to come.

SCIRT World Buskers Festival 2014 organisers have added two new performances to the run of “The Boy with Tape on His Face – More Tape” after overwhelming seat bookings.

The SCIRT STAGE, the MINI Beyond Normal STAGE, BEASTIES AND LE TIGRE will run today from 1.30pm All shows in Re:START Mall and the Popsicle BUSKER KID PITCH are cancelled today.

REVIEW: Keith Preene's Golden Goose Bingo show has returned to the World Buskers Festival for a second season. Here is Charlie Gates' review from last year.

Lili la Scala - rocking a magnificently glamorous electric blue evening gown and some killer heels - describes herself as a "vintage singer of vintage songs" but this isn't the whole story: she is a commanding figure with a startlingly lovely voice.

Performing to a sold out crowd, the Buskers Burlesque is showcase of song, burlesque, striptease and clowning by a group of award-winning artists who turn taking their clothes off into an art form.

David Ladderman is a brave and bold performer. He has created a solo Shakespeare piece, played to acclaim elsewhere, and now finds himself tailoring it to fit a laugh-hungry Christchurch audience.

The World Buskers Festival drew huge crowds today at Hagley Park where performances ranged from clown acts to acrobats. The festival this year celebrates its 21st birthday. While the weather was hot and windy in Christchurch today, the crowds were not deterred.

Husband-and-wife comedy duo Jonathan Taylor and Anne Goldmann credit the World Buskers Festival with launching their careers and allowing them to develop routines that have taken them around the world.

The World Buskers Festival has rolled into town. Alongside the top international acts plying their fun-filled antics on our streets are our own multi-talented entertainers. Vicki Anderson talks to David Ladderman about the roving life of a carnie and his show, Battle of the Bastards, GO's homegrown pick of the festival.

International divas and burlesque kings and queens are among the line-up released online today by iconic annual street performance event, the 2014 SCIRT WORLD BUSKERS FESTIVAL. The Christchurch-based festival is the biggest street performance festival in Australasia and is still the most popular feature in the city’s cultural calendar after 21 years.