World Buskers Festival

World Buskers Festival
Mar 11 Tue

Enjoy Beca BUSKERS BEST BITS all over again!

See all the fun and excitement from the huge finale show Beca BUSKERS BEST BITS. See you in 2015! ...

Jan 29 Wed

Life after the Buskers Festival

OPINION: As you read this, I will be in the depths of misery. That's an odd way to tell you how much I loved being part of the World Buskers Festival in your city for the past two weeks. But there it is. ...

Feb 06 Thu

Bigger than Beetles at Beca BUSKERS BEST BITS

See the hilarious local boys BIGGER THAN BEETLES and their take on living in Christchurch at our finale show Beca BUSKERS BEST BITS! ...

Feb 04 Tue

Tape Art Dream Machine

These Tape Art murals were created on a PVC wrapped 40 foot container smack-bang in the middle of BUSKER PARK, North Hagley Park during the 2014 SCIRT WORLD BUSKERS FESTIVAL. ...

Jan 27 Mon

Iron Chickens home to roost

Christchurch performer David Ladderman and former Cirque du Soleil clown Nate Cooper have been awarded Iron Chickens at the final weekend of the World Buskers Festival. ...

Jan 25 Sat

The Buskers Bookings Booth Queue

The first person was in line at 7am this morning! ...

Jan 24 Fri

2014 festival images

Check out some of the highlights from the 2014 festival so far. ...